Monday, January 30, 2012

yeah for jogging

So over the last few months as work, school, and social life have been keeping me very busy, I have not been out and exercising as regularly as I would have liked.  Studies keep me at the computer for long is sitting at a computer, and my social life, doesn't always include hiking, walks, biking, or jogging.  I decided last week that I needed to do more.  Last week I got a little exercise in walking at lunch at work, but I knew that to get back on the fitness wagon it would require more than that.  Tonight I got home from work, looked at the book I should be reading, and decided that I would go out for a jog.  Now, keep in mind I haven't been out jogging for a while, so I said to myself "I'll start the timer and see what happens" So I started out on my slow jog and went and went and went for what felt like forever.  I looked at the timer and a whopping 3 and a half minutes had gone by.  I decided not to pay any more attention to the timer.  Instead I kept telling myself, you can make it to the next stop sign.  There are quite a few on Tupelo.  I repeated that phrase many times over during my jog.  I finally got to a stop sign and decided that my legs were getting pretty tired.  I checked the timer and I'd jogged 11 min straight.  Not too shabby for not having jogged in a while.  So I begin this week afresh ready to again include 30 min of exercise each day.  Woot Woot. :)

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