Monday, June 25, 2012

dragonfly photos

It's no secret that I like to take pictures of bugs.  I find them rather fascinating.  Ok, let me rephrase that, when they are in their natural habit, I find bugs fascinating.  Not so true when I find them in my house.  Needless to say, there are some dragonflies that enjoy hanging out in my garden.  These are just a few of the photos.

I really like the green stripes on the yellow squash flower

I realize the picture that follows is not a dragonfly, but it was taken the same day, so I thought I'd include it. besides it's cool

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's been busy

It has been a while since I've been here on the blog.  Work and school have been keeping me pretty busy.  Luckily I have a garden that is my escape, and makes me smile every day.  It has been fun to watch it grow.  I've got three spaghetti squash growing, lots of bell peppers, the string beans have been very good.  My tomatoe plants have lot of tomatoes, I'm just waiting for them to turn colors.  I've gotten a bunch of squash (green and yellow).  My corn experienced a setback a few weeks ago when some really strong winds came along.  Although I'm not ruling out an animal jumping in and knocking the corn over.  I did my best to tie the corn back upright, using some stretchy garden ties.....and then when it kept stretching and allowing the corn to fall back over, I resorted to the biggest twist tie ever.  That has worked well and now the corn has tassles and I see silks and swollen stalks.  Yeah corn.  I'll be planting red sweet corn next year just for fun.  I've decided I could be quite content tending a garden everyday.  I thought I'd share some photos I've taken over the last little while.

My friends at I at the Sacramento Community Center Theater.  We went to see "Wicked".  It was a fantastic performance.

We walked by the memorial in Capitol Park.  This statue caught my eye.

Two of my favorite friends, the tree had very interesting bark.

The following are garden shots from 5/26

I found this guy while dropping off rice krispie treats to some friends

Here are the rice kristpie treats

The next shots are the first and second harvest of the season

Then I went to visit my nephews.  They love angry birds.  We also found a rather intersting looking bug, so I had to take a picture of course

This is the garden on 6/6 such a huge difference in 10 days

Then the wind storm hit, and I had to tie the corn to the fence.  Poor corn

These are some of the squash that I've harvested so far

I had no idea the bohemeth squash was in the garden.  :)

I was very excited to see tassles on the corn stalks just a few days ago. 

I even took some time and helped my friend plant her garden box