Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Birthday Fun

So in the previous post I mentioned that I like birthdays because it means I get to visit and spend time with friends and family.  I failed to mention that sometimes my birthday celebration lasts the better part of a week.  My favorite Aunt and Uncle took me out to eat at Red Robin the day after my birthday.  Then Friday at work my coworker got me a mini mousse cake.  Yum, yum yum.

Well Saturday was the topper.  My good friend decided to throw me a party.  I went out early to spend some time with my nephews.  We played some games, watched Finding Nemo, and had some snacks.  After a while it was time to start the rolls for dinner, and to set the table and get things set out.  All was ready and all that was left was for the guests to arrive.  It wasn't long before Chrisana, Joseph, and Amber arrived.  We visited a little bit then ate some of the yummy soup, rolls, and other fantastic goodies that were prepared and brought.  We went into the living room and chatted for a while.  Then after all were finished, we cleared the table and started a game of Qwirkle.  It was James and Carie, versus Chrisana and Amber, versus Joseph and I. It was a very fun game, but James and Carie were the clear winners after getting a double Qwirkle (24 points).  as we were just a few rounds into the game, Sheila and Steve showed up.  We played another round with Steve and Sheila joining as a team.  At the end of the game Steve and Sheila were the victors.  The night drew to a close, everyone went home, and I helped clean up a bit.  I had a fabulous extended birthday celebration.  :)

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  1. Happy late birthday! Thanks for the updates, I love reading your blog because you're always so positive and happy :)