Monday, January 16, 2012

Washing Machine vs Me.......Washing Machine wins today

So my washing machine has had a slow leak for a few weeks now.  I was looking to buy a new machine until my Uncle came up, showed me how to take the washer apart, and we figured out I could buy a $50 dollar part instead of buying a whole new machine.  So the part finally came in and I've been thinking about fixing the washer all week.  Tonight I decided to pull the old pump out of the washer, replace the new one, and get some laundry done.  So I unscrewed the two front screws, took the front panel off the machine, and started to take the pump off.  It looked so simple on the youtube video.  The pump was not cooperating as it appeared to be frozen and stuck.  I tried my best to get the pump loose from the motor.  Despite attempts with the screwdriver, a wrench, and even the hammer, the darn thing wouldn't come loose.  I gave up for the evening, and figured I'd put the machine back together to at least be able to get some wash done.  Little did I know that all that work to get the pump off would result in increasing the leakiness of the washing machine.  Doh.   I've gotten some great advice on what to do from my friends on facebook, as well as offers to utilize my friends washing machine until I can get mine fixed.  I've not given up entirely.  My Uncle has volunteered to come up with better tools to help cut the old pump off, so we can put the new one on.  Until then, it looks like the laundry will have to travel to be cleaned.

I wouldn't have ever guessed that this is all there is to the washing machine

This is the stubborn part that won't be removed.  Just wait till the Uncle shows up with his awesome toolkit. 

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