Monday, January 23, 2012

Three sure signs you are avoiding homework

I got home this afternoon and the rain was finally done for the day.  I changed out of my nice clothes and thought about what I had to do this evening.  The list included FHE and homework.  FHE wasn't going to start until 7PM and I wasn't yet in the mood to start reading my book for homework.  So what else did I find to do.  Well let me tell you.  I took the ladder out of the garage and went and cleaned the gutters, then I took out the recycling, then I decided that since it was green waste pick up tomorrow, that I ought to fill the green waste can.  I took my pruners and saw out to the front yard and started taking out shrubs and a sucker growing near the palm tree at the front of the property.  I got mighty dirty as the shrubs and sucker tree were wet and the ground was muddy.  But now there are less ugly shrubs in my yard and the green waste is full.  I even found reason #41 to hate palm trees, as I was taking out the other brush the back of my hand scraped along one of those evil pond fronds with the razor sharp teeth, and now I have a nice cut.  I'm sure it will grow into a beautiful scar that I can tell stories about some day, but until hurts.  Now that it's entirely too dark to be outside, I'm patiently waiting for FHE time, by making some dinner.  I guess I'll start homework after FHE :)

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