Monday, January 30, 2012

yeah for jogging

So over the last few months as work, school, and social life have been keeping me very busy, I have not been out and exercising as regularly as I would have liked.  Studies keep me at the computer for long is sitting at a computer, and my social life, doesn't always include hiking, walks, biking, or jogging.  I decided last week that I needed to do more.  Last week I got a little exercise in walking at lunch at work, but I knew that to get back on the fitness wagon it would require more than that.  Tonight I got home from work, looked at the book I should be reading, and decided that I would go out for a jog.  Now, keep in mind I haven't been out jogging for a while, so I said to myself "I'll start the timer and see what happens" So I started out on my slow jog and went and went and went for what felt like forever.  I looked at the timer and a whopping 3 and a half minutes had gone by.  I decided not to pay any more attention to the timer.  Instead I kept telling myself, you can make it to the next stop sign.  There are quite a few on Tupelo.  I repeated that phrase many times over during my jog.  I finally got to a stop sign and decided that my legs were getting pretty tired.  I checked the timer and I'd jogged 11 min straight.  Not too shabby for not having jogged in a while.  So I begin this week afresh ready to again include 30 min of exercise each day.  Woot Woot. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Three sure signs you are avoiding homework

I got home this afternoon and the rain was finally done for the day.  I changed out of my nice clothes and thought about what I had to do this evening.  The list included FHE and homework.  FHE wasn't going to start until 7PM and I wasn't yet in the mood to start reading my book for homework.  So what else did I find to do.  Well let me tell you.  I took the ladder out of the garage and went and cleaned the gutters, then I took out the recycling, then I decided that since it was green waste pick up tomorrow, that I ought to fill the green waste can.  I took my pruners and saw out to the front yard and started taking out shrubs and a sucker growing near the palm tree at the front of the property.  I got mighty dirty as the shrubs and sucker tree were wet and the ground was muddy.  But now there are less ugly shrubs in my yard and the green waste is full.  I even found reason #41 to hate palm trees, as I was taking out the other brush the back of my hand scraped along one of those evil pond fronds with the razor sharp teeth, and now I have a nice cut.  I'm sure it will grow into a beautiful scar that I can tell stories about some day, but until hurts.  Now that it's entirely too dark to be outside, I'm patiently waiting for FHE time, by making some dinner.  I guess I'll start homework after FHE :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back to school

Classes started up again this week.  I guess they didn't quite ever finish from last term since we were given a paper to write to turn in the first day of this term.  I finished my paper, after working through some writer's block.  Then it was time to go to class.  They switched things up a little this term, our class for community assessment got switched to Friday instead of Saturday.  It was so much fun to see all of my classmates again.  We really have grown into quite a tight nit group.  We had lots of good discussion about community assessment and we even had an impromptu role-play situation.  I got elected to be one of the community members the public health officials were coming into town to talk to about obesity.  My role was to play a little devil's advocate and be a little less than welcoming.  My classmates did their best to try and bridge the gap in their assignment and my hesitation.  It was a great lesson learned, that we as public health officials can't just enter a community expecting to fulfill whatever agenda is on our plate.  There is so much more involved.  It will take collaboration with other community agencies, and getting the input and cooperation of them residents of the community as well.  It was one of the best exercises we've had yet. After class and few of my classmates and I went out to Dinner.  We braved the rain and crazy strong wind and walked downtown to House.  It is an excellent restaurant.  We chatted, and enjoyed great food.  Then we braved the weather again to walk back to our cars.  I drove home and called my good friend Joseph.  We chatted a while, then it was time for an early night so off to bed I went.  Saturday came and I wasn't quite sure what to expect for biostatistics.  Let's just say that I'll be spending a lot of time hitting the books and researching articles this semester.  We have a lot of assignments and only four months of the term.  I fear the updates and posts to the blog may suffer a bit.  I will do my best to continue posting throughout the term.  I have enjoyed posting things again.   

Monday, January 16, 2012

Washing Machine vs Me.......Washing Machine wins today

So my washing machine has had a slow leak for a few weeks now.  I was looking to buy a new machine until my Uncle came up, showed me how to take the washer apart, and we figured out I could buy a $50 dollar part instead of buying a whole new machine.  So the part finally came in and I've been thinking about fixing the washer all week.  Tonight I decided to pull the old pump out of the washer, replace the new one, and get some laundry done.  So I unscrewed the two front screws, took the front panel off the machine, and started to take the pump off.  It looked so simple on the youtube video.  The pump was not cooperating as it appeared to be frozen and stuck.  I tried my best to get the pump loose from the motor.  Despite attempts with the screwdriver, a wrench, and even the hammer, the darn thing wouldn't come loose.  I gave up for the evening, and figured I'd put the machine back together to at least be able to get some wash done.  Little did I know that all that work to get the pump off would result in increasing the leakiness of the washing machine.  Doh.   I've gotten some great advice on what to do from my friends on facebook, as well as offers to utilize my friends washing machine until I can get mine fixed.  I've not given up entirely.  My Uncle has volunteered to come up with better tools to help cut the old pump off, so we can put the new one on.  Until then, it looks like the laundry will have to travel to be cleaned.

I wouldn't have ever guessed that this is all there is to the washing machine

This is the stubborn part that won't be removed.  Just wait till the Uncle shows up with his awesome toolkit. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Indoor Softball

I was driving back home from having dinner with my friend, thinking that I really wasn't in the mood to do any more literature searches for my paper.  The thought came to me that a visit to the gym for some exercise could be some fun. I stopped by the store to grab a couple of things and I text messaged my friends Laura and Marie to invite them to come with me to the gym.  I found out from Laura that they had both been to the gym earlier.  As I drove back from the store, my phone began to ring and I saw that it was Marie.  Lucky for me I was pulling into my driveway as she was calling, and low and behold she was at my house.  She told me that she was going to go play some indoor softball and she thought I might want to come.  I hemmed and hawed for a few minutes, thinking at this point I'd rather go inside watch a movie and go to bed early.  Marie convinced me to go.  We showed up where Marie's sister's family was already waiting.  The numbers were few, but we got a game going with five on five.  Now you might wonder how that is possible since softball fields are usually pretty big.  Well, the answer is that the outfield is not nearly as big as normal.  They have netting hung all around the field, including over the top of the field.  That means that pop flies can be tricky as the ball hits the net and is sent  right back down, not always at the angle you expected.  I don't think I've played softball for a number of years, and we went in cold with no warm up.  I managed to beam the pitcher in the back trying to throw a ball to first base from short stop.  I felt so terribly awful, embarrassed, and ready to walk off the field afterwards.  Well, that didn't happen, I continued to play, but I was a lot more hesitant when throwing the ball around.  I ran lots as our team got up to bat for long periods of time.  I managed to remember how to hit the ball, and started hitting some nice hard drives out to left field.  We didn't really keep score, but it was great exercise and a lot of fun.  I would definitely play indoor softball again.   

Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Birthday Fun

So in the previous post I mentioned that I like birthdays because it means I get to visit and spend time with friends and family.  I failed to mention that sometimes my birthday celebration lasts the better part of a week.  My favorite Aunt and Uncle took me out to eat at Red Robin the day after my birthday.  Then Friday at work my coworker got me a mini mousse cake.  Yum, yum yum.

Well Saturday was the topper.  My good friend decided to throw me a party.  I went out early to spend some time with my nephews.  We played some games, watched Finding Nemo, and had some snacks.  After a while it was time to start the rolls for dinner, and to set the table and get things set out.  All was ready and all that was left was for the guests to arrive.  It wasn't long before Chrisana, Joseph, and Amber arrived.  We visited a little bit then ate some of the yummy soup, rolls, and other fantastic goodies that were prepared and brought.  We went into the living room and chatted for a while.  Then after all were finished, we cleared the table and started a game of Qwirkle.  It was James and Carie, versus Chrisana and Amber, versus Joseph and I. It was a very fun game, but James and Carie were the clear winners after getting a double Qwirkle (24 points).  as we were just a few rounds into the game, Sheila and Steve showed up.  We played another round with Steve and Sheila joining as a team.  At the end of the game Steve and Sheila were the victors.  The night drew to a close, everyone went home, and I helped clean up a bit.  I had a fabulous extended birthday celebration.  :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me :)

I am not the type of person that dislikes birthdays.  I in fact love them.  Not the whole getting older part, but I love to spend time with family and friends on my birthday.  Today was no different.  I started the day of with a wonderful breakfast with my neighbor and her son.  We went to a really cute diner called Criket.  They have a model train that runs on a track on the ceiling which my neighbors little boy loved.  The food was very good.  It was a cute little diner and I wouldn't mind going again. 

Then after we got back Laura was at my house and we headed to the Sacramento Temple.  I love trips to the temple.  After the temple we met Marie at Fresh Choice and had some salad, veggies, more salad, and a little pizza too.  Then we took a quick trip to the book store, and home. 

I wasn't home long before I turned around and headed out to Red Robin to meet Melani.  We ate, visited, and shared about the fun adventures we have each been having.  I talked a lot about school.  She threatened to have the Red Robin staff come over and sing happy birthday, so we finished up and I headed home.

I logged on to facebook and found so many happy birthday wishes left by friends and family.  It made me smile.  Then I chatted with a friend.  Then I got a call from my best friend, her husband, and the boys, and they sang me the best rendition of happy birthday ever.  Including a rendition that included birthday wishes for scamper (my nephews stuffed penguin toy)  :) so funny.  Then it was off for some exercise in the form of volleyball.  And now an update to the blog.  I just have to say, it has been one of the best birthday's ever.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Fun

Ah, it is that time of year, when we say goodbye to one year and welcome a new one.  Memories, so many memories.  So a few of the highlights from the past year:

Grew an excellent garden (so relaxing, and so worth it)
Took the GRE and applied for a graduate program
Got into the Graduate program in Public Health
Survived my first semester :)
Had a great time with my roommate Nadia
Had fun adventures at the Huntington Beach Midsingles Conference with Nadia, Marie, Laura, and April
Started my blog
Actually wrote a couple of entries in the journal.  that's huge, one of my weakest talents is journal writing :(
Planted three fruit trees in the back yard. Yum
Got help in removing more stumps, and working on landscaping
Hosted a general conference party with waffle breakfast for family and friends (so much fun)
Went sailing, including a stint as a pirate, pictures to follow soon
Got to take family pictures with all my has been a long while since the last family photo shoot
Hosted a family and friend BBQ get together, and was surprised with visits from cousins from out of state and out of town, (so glad they could come)
I enjoyed being part of a family home evening group and the many fun activities we had, and will continue to have
And the list would go on and on and on. 

My hopes for the upcoming year:
Continue to study hard and get good grades in my graduate program. 
Find time to be social between homework and regular work (could be challenging)
Plant another garden
practice piano some more in my spare time :)
Find time to sail at least twice
Spend some quality time with my family and nephews

In order to ring in the new year I went out to my friends house where we finished packing up the car with treats, buckled the boys in, and then the three of us adults and two kids were off to a New Years party.  We rang in the new year with a tournament of Settler's of Catan.  Normally, I'm pretty competitive, but I've never tried to play with a nephew as distraction before.  It was an interesting game as my nephew stacked the little roads and settlements into different structures.  After we rang New Years in with fireworks and noisemakers, we finished the tournament, I came in near the bottom of the bracket somewhere.  Then it was time to hop to another party where there were more games, but the evening ended with some classical and jazz piano pieces.  So enjoyable.  I was regretting my choice to stay up so late when I had to be up for church at the new time of 9AM.  My new primary class was lots of fun.  The kids were smiling and very excited to be in class.  Then it was time to head over to Sheila's where there were smores, snacks, good food, and some magnum PI.  It was a good evening to catch up with some friends I hadn't had much time to see during the school semester.

Then today the new year continued on.  I picked up a good friend in Davis and we headed out to the Woodland Stake Temple day and we did some sealings.  It was a great morning.  Then we visited a little Indian restaurant when we headed back to Davis.  It was so very yummy.  I also got to visit with my Aunt, Uncle, and some cousins.  Love visiting with family.  :) 2012 will be a good year.