Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Relaxing afternoon

I text messaged a good friend of mine towards the end of my workday to ask if she wanted to go for a walk along the American River bike trail.  It looked like a beautiful day outside and I was in the mood for some sunshine and exercise.  We met after I got off of work and went for a three mile walk.  Along our way we watched people fishing out on the river, waved at the bicyclists, and chatted.  We hit the 1.5 mile point and turned around.  On the way back we passed some blackberry bushes that had berries on them.  I stopped to sample the fruit.  So very good.  I ate about a dozen berries before we moved on.  A little farther down the trail we ran into some really fun caterpillars.  we admired them and moved on.  A short distance farther and we found a little caterpillar on the ground in the middle of the path.  My friend used a large blade of grass to pick it up.  I decided I wanted to hold it.  The caterpillar tickled as it crawled up my arm.  After snapping a few photos we placed it back into the bushes. 

After we finished our walk it was off to Chipotle for some salad bowls.  I love chipotle.  Then we drove back to my car .  We took a slight detour as we passed a pond with some ducks and ducklings in it.  There were 10 ducklings in all.  They were so cute.  I loved watching them swim, dive, and follow their parents. 

This one is a lone duckling searching for the family
This one is a video of the family

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