Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Garden update #1

I have really been enjoying the drip line and soaker hose method of watering the garden this year.  It makes things so much nicer.  I walk out, turn on the faucet, and voila, the garden is being watered.  I think the plants are happy too, they are growing so nicely thanks to some water and beautiful sunshine.  I wanted to post some pictures of what it looks like now since the plants have grown so much.

 Beans and tomatoes, the carrots are finally sprouting but they are still pretty small
 corn, onions, garlic, peppers, squash
 the second crop of corn is just coming up
 I already have a few cherry tomatoes growing, and the plants are flowering.  I have high hopes for lots of tomatoes.
 this is the box with the most variety, but all seem to be doing pretty well, if only I could keep the rolly polly bugs (some call them potato bugs) from eating the plants.

 The corn makes me smile
The beans are starting to flower too.  So excited

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