Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pirating on the bay

I fell in love with sailing a couple of years ago.  I've got some friends who have a beautiful sailing ship the Aldebaran.  I had the opportunity to join them this morning for a sail on the bay.  We left the port around noon, and sailed and sailed around the bay.  I of course brought my gloves so that I could participate as crew.  I normally help run the main sheet at the stern of the ship, but today, I got to help raise the sails, man the runners, help drop sail, and haul in the jib and the jib topsail.  Lets just say I got my workout for the day.  After we sailed around the bay, we sailed over to a yacht club where we were to be the main entertainment.  We went sailing dressed in our pirate garb, as we were to attack the yacht club with our cannons.  We made several passes, I was the person who held the lighting stick while the gunners worked the guns.  I even got to light one round off.  It was pretty cool.  After our attack ended we sailed back to port and I traveled home.  It was a fantastic day, and a perfect way to end my break between semesters. 
Don't I make a great pirate :) 

 Main mast

 Captain Brown

 Cannons two and three
 Cannon one
One of the toughest pirates on the seven seas, Pirate Bob

 Captains wife
 The USS Iowa, it was the longest ship I've ever seen, and it had huge guns too.  It's being cleaned up to be a maritime museum.

Jolly Roger

Black Powder Pistol Demo
captain's turn to play

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