Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Busy week so far

After work yesterday I went to my friends house to help them with their new garden box project.  I was so excited to help.  I got there in time to help put dirt in the first two boxes, which was all we could do before there wasn't any dirt left to shovel.  Then it was off to my house to grab the square foot gardening books and check out my garden boxes.  We stopped at the Rounds house and visited for a short while.  Then it was back to my friends house where we spent some time having dinner, then lots and lots of time planning out what they were going to plant in the 96 available square foot grid marks in the boxes.  I started to get a bit of garden box envy.....to be honest I wish I had more growing room....but with time.  It was kinda late by the time I headed home but it was a good planning session and I'm excited to see the progress as my friend's garden grows.

Tonight I got a chance to visit my good friends the Smith's.  I got a tour of their garden, fruit trees, new blackberry patch, and my nephews toy fish that squirts when filled with water.  It was such a nice afternoon to be outdoors.  After the tour finished we went in for dinner and some social time.  My nephews wanted me to come watch a video with them so badly and I was having so much fun chatting with Carie and James.  After the second visit from Elias inquiring if I'd finished my dinner I gave in and went to watch the shapes video.  Luckily before my brain turned off, James brought in the home movies and Carie and I smiled a lot as we watched her handsome boys in the video.  I love extended family time......so much fun.  The perfect end to the evening was getting great hugs goodbye from the boys and watching them wave goodbye as I drove down the driveway.  Good times to remember!

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