Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So on the 14th of May a group of the midsingles from Sacramento made the short journey to the port of Richmond for a sailing adventure.  I happened to be one of the lucky individuals in the group.  We met up with Captain Brown and his wife Fern for a sailing trip to the San Francisco Bay.  After arriving, we all boarded the Aldebaran (Capt Brown built the boat from idea to final product), and away we went.  The day was a bit overcast but not overly cold. 

Captain Brown's usual crew was unavailable for our sailing adventure so that meant that we all got to help crew the ship.  I was pretty excited to help in anyway that I could.   I'd had the chance to sail with Captain Brown before but only as passanger. 

Once we got out of the marina and into the bay we got our chance to try our skills (or at least willingness to learn new ones) in raising the sails.  The mainsail was seemingly easy to raise.....then the next sail, main staysail was harder to raise.  By the time we were ready to add the jibsail my arms were getting tired and the wind was getting stronger and it required two of us to get the sail up. 

I had the best time as we sailed out and around the San Francisco Bay, under the baybridge and back, down by Sausilito, and then out under the Golden Gate into open ocean.  WOW it was fun.  One of the high points of the adventure was when we sailed straight toward a restaurant on a pier in Sausilito......the three sides of the building are full paine windows so the people eating can see the water.  We sailed right toward it and turned in time to see some pretty shocked looks on the faces of the people eating.  As they realized there would be no collision they all stood to get a better look at the boat and to wave back to the group of us waving to them.  We continued sailing and the wind got calm enough for my chance to climb the rigging.   Not as easy as it looks.  The rigging moves with the wind.....the rungs are strands of line that go slack as you step on them.  But I did it, and it was fun to see the sights from so many feet in the air. 

After we turned around we decided it might be fun to put on a little performance as we would be passing the restaraunt again.  So Bob went below to grab the swords and daggers, and then we put on some pirate sword fights for the dining guests.  Our show was well received.  Everyone again got up from their seats to be able to see out the windows.....I was busy "fighting" so I didn't see it but I heard that we even got some applause the three pairs of us that were dueling by sword. 

My next favorite part of the trip was the open water outside the Gate.  Watching as the boat conquered the bigger waves, the wind picking up and taking us out beyond the gate.  We saw a lighthouse, a neat cave that I would love to explore sometime, and tons and tons of comorants flying out of the bay. 

On our way back into the Bay we saw the Island Princess leaving port.  It was a large cruise ship leaving to take it's passengers on some grand adventure.  We also got to see lots of other sail boats on the water.  There were a few races taking place on the Bay and the sails were a myriad of colors.  People on boats are pretty friendly as they waved to us and we waved to them in passing. 

It was the best Saturday adventure in a long time for me.  I enjoyed the journey, the company, and the sun that decided to come out for the last hour or so of the trip.  We dropped the sails as we approached the Richomond Port and our journey came to a close.  Nearly six hours out on the water and it was so much fun.  I can't wait for the next time we get to go.  Fern and Captain Brown were the best hosts, and had great stories to share.  Can't wait to see the Aldebaran in action during the Pirate Festival in Vallejo in June. 

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