Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thieving jay birds

I was sitting on my couch looking out the window enjoying the view of my garden and other plants, when I saw some birds land on the tomato cages.  I've seen the birds do this multiple times now, and it is a great place for them to roost and a perfect place for me to do some birdwatching as they sit there a while.  I glanced from the bright red headed song bird over to the jay on the adjacent cage.  I was shocked to see the jay was using his perch as a way to easily pluck blueberries off the bush next to him.  I quickly jumped up from the couch and shooed the bird away.  I then spent the next few minutes rearranging the potted plants on the patio so that none of the caged tomatoes were anywhere near the blueberries.  Time to be proactive and find some netting to protect my blueberries.  Silly birds.  Lovely to look at but bad for the blueberry harvest.

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