Saturday, April 30, 2011

A fun filled Saturday

What's better than starting a Saturday morning by getting up at 6AM to drive to the site of a huge service project.  I can't think of very many things, and that's how this Saturday started for me.  I woke up and got ready for some manual labor, and waited for my sister to come.  She showed up a bit before 7 and we packed up the car with gardening tools and headed off to Davis.  We were joining the Woodland Stake for the annual Mormon Helping Hands Community Service Project.  This project was slotted to start at 7:30AM which seemed a bit early but better early to miss any afternoon heat. 

We met at an elementary school in South Davis.  I saw so many people that I knew and was very happy to give and receive hugs while we chatted to catch up.  I even got to see the Padilla's some of my favorite people.  We milled about for a while as people signed in, we received instructions and thanks, and then we had a prayer to start us off on the right foot and went to work.  Our job was to clean up the landscaping around the school.  There were all sorts of fun weeds to pull, bugs to find, and rose bushes that needed pruning. 

I set to work with Abby Padilla at my side and we weeded.  I came across some of my least favorite weeds.  They are long stemmed, with leaves that stick like velcro, and in the late stages of growth it produces little velcro like balls (seed pods) that stick to everything.  I found some of these in my yard a little while back, and found that I was slightly allergic so I was really glad to have long sleeves on today.  Abby and I made our way down the sidewalk pulling weeds and putting them in piles.  Beth and Melanie came over at one point with a cart so we could take all the unwanted greenery to the waste pile.

We all worked diligently and I feel we got quite a bit accomplished.  I have some scrapes and cuts from the thorns on the rose bushes, but the time in the sun and the time visiting with old friends while providing service was great.  I think I would have preferred a bit less wind though....but at least it wasn't raining.  At 11 we started to pack things up and finish our last minute pruning jobs....and we all headed over for some BBQ.  I visited with some more friends and then my sister and I headed to Dixon for lunch with the Uncle. 

My Uncle Bill and I have a long standing tradition of going to Costco for a hotdog for lunch.  This tradition started long ago, generally after a round of 18 hole practice green golf.....but today there was no golf.  We got to Dixon, my cousin Harrison showed me his new rabbit and then off to Costco we went.  I hadn't eaten any breakfast before leaving home for community service, and I passed on the BBQ at the project knowing Costco was in the near future.  I was starving.  We got to Costco and I'm not sure I've ever eaten a polish dog quite so quickly before.  It tasted to good.  The half churro wasn't too bad either. 

We finished our food and then went browsing to look at computers and phones.  After we looked around a little bit we decided to check out the discount electronics over at Sam's Club since it was on the way home.  They have a lot of TVs on sale.  Good thing I already have one.  We made it back to Dixon and I was feeling ready for a nap.  But a nap was not on the agenda.  Since I hadn't had a chance to visit with the Padilla family in a while we took a drive out to the country and stopped by.  I played with the baby for a while, took a tour of the farm and the animals.....and when Abby woke up from her nap we went for a ride.  I haven't had a chance to go on a horseback ride in quite some time.  We didn't go very far but it was very fun.  I love riding horses. 

Then it was time to head home.  I got a dozen farm fresh eggs for the road and picked up some pizza for dinner.  We got back to my house and I noticed smoke coming from the neighbor's yard behind me.   At first I thought perhaps someone was burning their fireplace....then I realized I heard crackling and that the smoke wasn't coming from a chimney.  I walked out back, stood up on the fence rail, and witness a burn pile/bonfire pile on fire in the neighbor's yard.  I quickly stepped off the fence and began to debate what to do.  I know that Sacramento County has some strict guidelines for burning just in the fireplace and was pretty sure that bonfires in residential suburbs was not permitted.  To call or not to call the fire department was the question.  I walked next door to discuss my options with my next door neighbors who after some discussion decided we ought to call.  Next thing we heard was sirens coming down the street as the fire department answered our call regarding the fire.  They got it all put out, and while I wasn't there to witness it, I'm pretty sure the fire department educated the neighbors on fire safety and the burn policy within county limits.  I am glad that nothing got out of the fire was only about 20 feet away from my fence line, and under a tree canopy.  An interesting Saturday!!!!!!

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