Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring fever

I sit here looking out the window wondering why it is that i had to get a cold now.  The weather has turned so nice.....I have lots of jobs and projects to work on in the backyard.  I even had a get together planned.  All these great things are planned no more for this weekend.  I hate colds....and I'm not sure if that is what it is.  I guess the point is, that being sick stinks.  Now I'll be resting under blankets to keep warm instead of being outside in the sun.....I'll be eating soup and drinking lots of fluids.  I suppose the upside is that hopefully this means I'll be done with colds for a while.  I've got lots of fun and exciting activities planned this month and the bright side is maybe the colds will be out of my system.  I should really be counting my blessings and not thinking about the glass being half full.  Thankfully, my kitty is here to keep me company....I have soup to eat....and I'll get lots of rest and time to read. 

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