Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun with Davisites

I have had the opportunity twice now this week to meet up with some friends from Davis.  Ever since I've moved to the Sacramento area it seems like I don't get to see them nearly often enough.  We met up on Wednesday to play at the Davis farmers market.  It was fun.  I walked around looked at all the great produce for sale, purchased some peas, oranges, and flatbread.  After a while all my friends came and it was time for dinner.  Of course that meant the world's best corn dog from the Hotdogger.  It was just as delicious as I remembered.  We reminisced for a while, watched all the people enjoying the market and talked about life.  Then as busy Davisites do, it was time for my friends to be off to the next activity.  That gave me a chance to visit with my Aunt and Uncle and get home early.

Thursday came and I was pretty excited to meet up with my friends again.  This time we met at Raley Field to watch the Rivercats play against the Las Vegas 51's.  I admit I'm not generally a sports watching fan, a few games here or there can be fun. Ok I think the last game I saw was more than 8 years ago.  But this game was so much fun.  I sat next to Stuart who I found out loves baseball.  So much so that he brought his own stats/score sheet to keep track during the game.  Stuart entertained me with stories throughout the game.  He also brought to my attention that fact that I cannot trash talk to save my life. 

I looked around the crowd and saw many people partaking of scrumptous park food.  Tyler decided he was going to brave the trip to the concession stand so I asked him to bring me back a hot dog.  When Tyler got back he handed me the hot dog and I was stunned.  This was no ordinary hot dog.  This was a monster size hot dog with a monster size bun to match.  Add on some toppings and it is a recipe for a very messy meal.  I started eating and made it oh, maybe ate an 1/8th before my tummy said no more.  That's what I get for eating anything before showing up for the game.  Luckily Emily had just found us after coming from dance practice and was able to finish off the hot dog so it didn't go to waste. 

We all laughed, cheered, and had a great time as the game progressed.  It seemed to be moving along pretty quickly.  The Rivercats finally got a run on the board.  It seemed like the game would end pretty early.  That's when all the fun began.  About the sixth inning the Rivercats had a runner on second, the batter hit a nice drive toward third and the 51's third baseman got it and moved toward the runner coming his way....he reached out, the runner dodged, and the thirdbaseman gave a second look and threw toward first.  Both Rivercats runners were confirmed safe on base.  The third baseman went over to the umpire at third to petition that the runner had gone out of the baseline.  The umpire disagreed.  Then the 51s coach came out and had a very heated discussion with the umpire about the same thing.  He must not have said very nice things because after a couple of minutes of loud discussion and many gestures the umpire gave the signal that the coach was ejected from the game.  I could tell the coach was pretty upset at this as his facial expression was that of anger and his gestures got a lot bigger, and he got a lot closer to the umpire, so close that there was no space for a personal bubble.  After a few more minutes of this the home plate umpire came out to third base and stood between the other ump and the coach.  This didn't seem to deter the coach very much and he continued his discussion.  After the home plate umpire seemed to remind the coach he'd been ejected from the game....the coach threw his helmet.  I was stunned at the unsportsman like manner in which he was acting. The coach finally went to the dugout, got some things, and made his way to the exit at the center field fence. 

It was exciting, and loud as the fans all wished him farewell while the loud speakers blared a farewell song.  As the game continued on it was clear to see the 51s were not happy with the call or what had just happened.  I was then witness to the most intense game of pickle I've ever seen as the Rivercats runner tried to make it home.  Well, the 51s got a run and the game was tied.  The ninth inning came and went, and I was wondering how late I'd actually be staying out on a "work" night.  By the time the 11th inning began I could tell it was way past bedtime.  I was so glad that the Rivercats scored the winning run to end the game.  We walked up the stairs, took a group picture, and it was time to head home.  I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with all my friends from Davis both long time friends and those I met yesterday.  Great friends always bring a smile to my face.

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