Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pig whisperer

So I went to go visit my friend this evening.  She has a pet guinea pig named Spider.  I have the honor of being Spider's aunt and get pig sitting duty when my friend goes out of town.  When I go to visit, I always get Spider out of her cage and play with her.  My friend says that Spider is a bit wild, but I don't believe it.  She does run a bit when you go to take her out of her cage, but once out she is calm as can be.  My friend says it is because I am the pig whisperer.  She told me tonight she was going to make me a t-shirt with my picture on the back, and the title pig whisperer.  I laughed.  My friend definitely knows how to make me smile.  So if any of you see t-shirts advertising pig whisperers......you know where they came from.  :)  See, I even got my kitty and Spider to play nice together. 

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