Tuesday, April 3, 2012

missionary moment

I signed up to feed the missionaries from the ward.  Since I wasn't able to find someone who could come over for dinner, I figured I'd treat the missionaries to dinner out.  The Elders called yesterday to confirm the dinner appointment and I let them know that dinner would be out somewhere and I asked them to pick a restaurant.  The Elder then asked what kind of food I liked, so I mentioned tacos or pizza.  Round Table was the dinner location of choice.  Dinner was set for 5:30.  I left work and headed over to meet the Elders at Round Table.  The Elders came and we got some fixings from the dinner buffet and went to sit down.  There was a small world moment as I learned that I'd served in the same mission and had known the grandparents of one of the Elders.  Then as we were about ready to start eating, a young woman came over to the booth and asked if she could join us and talk to us for a little bit.  We invited her to sit with us, and then she began asking what we believed in, questions about the Bible, the book of Mormon, and heaven.  The Elders led the answering, and I got to share some thoughts and my testimony of the Savior too.  She eventually had to return to a meeting she was participating in, but it was the neatest thing.  I hope that she takes the opportunity to read the Book of Mormon that the Elders gave her.  I know that hearts are tender during the Easter Season, as we ponder on the reason for the season, the Savior's atoning sacrifice.  I love my Savior Jesus Christ.  I know that he lives, and that he is my Savior and Redeemer.  I want to wish everyone a wonderful Easter.

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