Thursday, February 9, 2012

dinner delivery and choir practice

My best friend brought me dinner tonight.  She knew I was having a rough week so she packed up the car with her kids, some kids she watches, and drove all the way out to my house during peak traffic hour to bring me dinner.  It was so much fun to see my nephews.  The kids enjoyed playing with my kitty "toothless" and I got a chance to visit with my friend.  It was so nice to debrief about good times and rough times.  My nephews made me smile and laugh.  They are so darn sweet.  I felt so loved tonight.  The turkey alfredo was excellent, and the chocolate volcano cake was even better. 

Then it was time to head over to the church for ward choir practice.  We are singing a pretty complex piece for an Easter fireside in March.  This was going to be my first practice.  It was fun.   I got to try doing some sight reading......I need more practice.  When we switched from the chapel with the organ to the relief society room with the piano......I got selected to sit at the piano and play parts for us to practice.  I need more practice doing that too.  Not too bad considering I rarely play anything with four sharps.  I brought the music home so I could practice playing the parts so I can do better next week if called upon to help at the piano.  Overall the day ended so much better than it started, and I hope time at work flies by tomorrow.  I need a weekend. 

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