Monday, June 13, 2011

Saturday fun

Saturdays I try and sleep in, but somehow the sunshine coming through the window, or the kitty thinking I'm late for work and meowing seem to wake me up bright and early.  So I got up and opened the blinds and admired the garden for a while until I felt more awake.  Then it was time to organize some tools and get some chores done before Sunday.  I put on pandora, listened to some motivational music and set to work.  About 11 I remembered I hadn't yet had breakfast so I stopped for some brunch.  I haven't had a brunch in a long time so it was kind of fun.  After brunch I figured it was time to heat up the grill to be able to clean it better, what I'm glad I did was set a timer to go check on it after just a few minutes.  The high heat caught the drippings on the floor of the grill on fire, there was smoke, I opened the lid and my eyes got really big (at least I'm pretty sure they must have been).  I acted quickly and cut off the propane supply, then turned off the burners, and quickly blew on the flames.  It took a minute to get it all extinguished.  I was so thankful that I set that timer and that things turned out well.  I now know not to turn burners on high when the grill needs cleaning.  Lesson learned!!!!!  Disaster averted, I decided that my garden was looking a bit thirsty so I went to work watering the plants. 

Then it was time to head to Davis for some picture taking at the Arboretum.  I met up with my friend Joseph and off we went.  We walked through the Australian plant section snapping pictures here and there.  At the end of the walk there was a large bunch of California poppies.  They were so pretty. 

After taking photos it was time to head to Dixon.  I went to DaAunt and DaUncle's house where DaAunt made some super yummy BLT sandwiches and potato salad.  DaUncle made jokes about the strawberries and shortcake not being around later if we didn't have some then.  I was way to full to eat any dessert.  DaAunt and I changed for a night at the theater and made our way to the Community Center Theater to watch Mary Poppins. I was pretty excited to see the show.  I was curious if it would mirror the movie or if it would be different.   
We drove into Sacramento and started making the rounds looking for parking, quite the search on a Saturday night.  I was hoping we could find a relatively close spot by the theater so we wouldn't have to walk to far when the show was over late.  We found a spot on N street between 12th and wasn't a bad walk.  We left Dixon with plenty of time just in case we hit traffic or other snafoos.  So we got to the theater and went inside and waited until they let us in to be seated.  We chatted, watched all the people coming in, and I checked on the performance dates for Wicked coming to town next year.  Then the doors were opened and we went to find our seats.  There were some anxious moments as people filed in and I waited and watched to see how tall the person would be that would sit in front of me.  It became a guessing game with DaAunt and I as we watched people make their way down the row in front of us.  I got lucky and someone of a shorter stature sat in front of me. 

I befriended the group to our right as I started a conversation to pass the time till the curtain would go up.  I wanted to find out if this was their first play or if they came often.  Mary Poppins was one of many plays they had seen at the community center theater.  The gentleman also recommended that I check out the Music Circus performances.  I love the theater and the chance to get some culture into my everyday life.  The announcer came on reminding everyone to silence their cell phones and the lights began to flash out in the hallway.  I knew that it would be only a little longer and the play would start. 

The house lights went dim, the pit came alive and the curtain rose.  It was so much fun.  The actors and actresses were delightful and gave energetic  performances.  The sets were amazing, the music fun.  I want to learn the dance and hand motion for Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as it is so entertaining.  Some parts of the play were similar to the movie but there was a great new twist to the story and it was well worth going. I'd blog more but I don't want to ruin anything for anyone thinking of going.   I was so glad that my Aunt and I got to share that activity.  We talked about the play all the way back to the car.  We had great conversations on the way back to Dixon, and when I got out to give my Aunt a hug goodnight, we both laughed as we thought about how our dreams would be full of Disney magic.  The drive home was nice and I was glad that sleepiness didn't kick in until I was very close to being home.  I greeted kitty then headed straight for bed.  It was a wonderful Saturday and oh so much fun.

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