Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun evening

I called my friend Liz today and said let's get together and have some dinner and maybe watch a movie or play.  She said sure.  So Liz came with baby Ashlynn.  While Liz got Ashlynn out of her carseat, I showed Liz how high kitty could jump after toys.  It was impressive.  Then I got to hold Ashlynn while Liz played with the kitty.  I made faces at the baby, watched her smile, and then handed her off to mom so I could turn my attention to defrosting the chicken for cooking on the BBQ.  I am so glad I got the BBQ.  Liz helped put the salad together with carrots and cucumber fresh from the garden and with other yummy store bought veggies.  I picked the first zucchini from the garden and sliced it up for grilling.  It was so fun to have Liz and Ashlynn over.  Dinner turned out very tasty and filling.   After dinner I showed Liz some of the recent photos I've taken, and we chatted about life and the fun activities we've got coming up. Baby fell asleep and Liz and I admired how cute she looked even while sleeping.  Spending time with friends is the best way to wrap up a busy week. 

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